Some programmes for travel groups

Our methodology of education is based on the existence of two kinds of possibilities that people have to release the thinking powers they already have in their possession. The question is not about what one knows but rather to what extent one can use one’s knowledge at an analytical, creative and practical level. The first possibility is based on teaching strategies of thinking. During our travels we will propose a variety of strategies which will offer the excursionists new ways of learning. By teaching them according to a method based on thought they will not only learn to think better but will remember things better simply because they have to think about what they are experiencing in that moment in time. We can sum up by saying that by thinking about learning they learn to think. The second possibility is applying the three kinds of thinking – the excursionists will in fact be involved both actively and passively in the three kinds of thinking which are analytical, creative-intuitive and practical. The excursionists who are involved in this experience will be given the chance to apply these different ways of thinking to solving problems.



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